There are no extra-taxes for workshops participation. In order to attend a specific workshop you must register in the first day of the event.
One can attend a maximum of 6 workshops (1workshop/session).
The number of participants is limited by moderators or by the number of places in the workshop room.

Symposium Program

ID Title Moderator/s
W12 Opposing Intergenerational Inner Voices: the Cultural Chronos Approach Kyriaki Polychroni
W11 Education and Treatment of Young Offenders Péter Ruzsonyi

The Use of Imagery in Prison 

Joseph Giordmaina
W09 Play-Based Techniques in Family Psychotherapy  Oana Dău-Gașpar, Alina Zamoșteanu
W08 Family Dynamics and Therapy Through Integrating Principles of Living Systems: the Child IP as Co-therapist Petros Polychronis

Who am I for my Client?

Ioana Duma

Raising and Educating Children from the Perspective of Individual Psychology

Amalia Marinca, Claudia Kubik

The Construction of Therapeutical Metaphors

Oana Dău-Gașpar, Valeria Dău-Gașpar
W04 Strategic Integrative Psychotherapy - Subpersonalities Loredana-Ileana Vîşcu 

Discover the Future: the Story of Your Life

Oana Maria Popescu

Therapy and the Autotherapy of Gioconda

Partenie Anucuța, Lampinen-Anucuța Andreia Elena

When Love is not Enough

Ramona Răducan


Simpozionul Internațional „Cercetări şi Aplicaţii în Psihologie” este, începând cu anul 1991, o manifestare științifică organizată anual de către Facultatea de Psihologie a Universității Tibiscus din Timișoara împreună cu parteneri din România și străinătate și se adresează specialiștilor și studenților din domeniul științelor socio-umane.



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